The trade name or brand of a business is fundamental. It identifies, distinguishes and makes us stand out. It is a pure reflection of our services and products, the first step of our success. With all these thoughts, it was a great challenge to find the brand name that could describe our ideas. 

As our business has two cornerstones: the patisserie and the decoration of events, we were searching for the perfect link between them. We started to search on two paths, the one of flavours (patisserie) and the one of colours (decoration), visualising a bridge of imagination, emotion and surprise between the two. 

As some of you already know, I love chocolate; The perfect balance of taste, sweetness and intensity, the different textures and the infinite possibility of combination and preparation that chocolate offers. It is a product and ingredient of extraordinary qualities. Being a woman of a great man with Mexican roots, I could not miss the opportunity to refer to “xocolātl, the drink of the gods”. With the first letter “X” in the trade name of Xocolarte, I payed tribute to the origins of this nutritive treasure. 

The word "art" refers to the creativity of the profession of patisserie. On the other hand, it reflects our way of approaching events decoration, by using quality products and creating these products ourselves, thus turning the ideas of our customers into reality. 

We thought that these two words could be the key elements of our brand name: chocolate and art and with a small play on words, we gave light to our beloved Xocolarte.